Devon Watches

For past 7 years(and present)I have been working as chief designer for the company Devon Works, designing men wrist watches with most unusual movement.
It is a mixture of mechanical and electrical, as we like to call it 'hybrid movement' . Consisted of micro step motors (powered with a lithium battery) that drive these highly durable reinforced nylon belts (made for aerospace industry).
So exact time is shown by the indicator plate that easily shows hours minutes and seconds.
My job and responsibility was to follow this amazing movement and give the form and the design that will follow the core of the watch.
The T1 models (bigger one) I was doing redesign of the very first existing model they had. . .making the limited editions such as Steampunk Exoskeleton and G serie (red sporty one with stitching strap)
As for the smaller version. . .I was making the whole design inside and outside following the requests and guidelines of simple small size daily watch that can be worn all the time.

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Freelance, Full-time
Marko Petrovic
Markdesign Kragujevac, Serbia