Lancelot Streetfighter Concept

Lancelot Streetfighter Concept Motorcycle was born out of an idea of creating a set of limited edition motorcycles that belong to a group of high-end vehicles. The name itself represents the brotherhood of a single strong unit in ancient times, which was called “Knights of the round table”. The idea here is to create 12 series of motorcycles that would carry each name of the knight, each model will be limited in a certain number (most likely 12) and will carry the emblem and name of that particular knight. Lancelot Streetfighter Concept Motorcycle is designed with a strong attitude, bold lines, and aggressive armor that surrounds its body. It features blue/silver color them with nice red detail to match Lancelot knight emblem. With attention to detail, each part is designed with a touch of uniqueness, from its side fairings, tank, and especially that front led headlight. The building will start beginning of next year and very first parts will be 3d printed.

Freelance, Full-time
Marko Petrovic
Markdesign Kragujevac, Serbia