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New platform with high impact and cost effective execution of Harry Potter license - adaptable to executions across multiple licenses.
Trend-focused concept expanding on whimsical nativity themes matched to key affinities and trending in social media & market. Find it at The Bradford Exchange https://www.bradfordexchange.com/products/918213_happy-howl-idays-figurine-collection.html
New Platform illuminated sculptural garden globe collection
Back end items in licensed artist collection "Spirit of the Painted Pony", mixed materials
Collectible concept series based on licensed fantasy art with dynamic light feature
NEW PLATFORM product for various licensed properties and extended collection back end development
Concept developed for The Bradford Exchange commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D Day.
D Day item development included identification & sourcing of hi res reproduction of highly detailed historical documentation.
Day of the Dead Village, illuminated parade scene. Advertising art.
Concept sketch control drawing
Contemporary executions of African themed seasonal items. Traditionally 'Bradford' figures with updated pattern palette.
Concept: Contemporary execution of African themed seasonal item. Existing 'Hawthorn' tree collection with updated Afrocentric theme on tree.
Decorative and functional NEW PLATFORM created for backend series execution with licensed properties
Art direction including detailed sketches and color overlays to streamline in house creative workflow.
Giftware & Collectibles

Product design, development & management: new & existing platforms for extended series collections, solo items and licensed properties.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mary Lenehan
design . production . management Brookfield, IL