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Test case: Edit hi res stock art to format for 1000pc puzzle.
Objective: Adjust aspect ratio for puzzle die line and enhance perception of value of image for puzzle customer using no additional assets.
Read through for step by step on this assignment's process.
After Licensor approval, in house Team redirected to eliminate Mom from image and source an image of a child in Christmas season clothing! : D
Same process as previous was followed & this image was used on 'final-final' pkg art.
; )
Photo retouching used routinely in remote direction of factory sculpting.
Lo res, high function Photoshop use in art direction (to external resource). Prep for spec to overseas vendor
Photo Retouching

I use Photoshop a great deal in communications regarding product development.
Most of the time, it is adjusting images of factory samples for art direction, but on occasion, a more detailed and nuanced assignment crops up.
I have created this narrative to illustrate an example of that process .

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