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To sketch an object or individual is to begin to know it.
Seamus -
Punk Ape - ball point pen
"Upside Down Day' - Concept sketch for story book
Adorable Orcas study
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The Bunny Who Wanted a Friend - character sketch for story book
The Bunny Who Wanted a Friend -
The Bunny Who Wanted a Friend
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The Bunny Who Wanted a Friend
Columbine sketch - for pattern development.
See also color painting in Color Renderings folder
Little Bear character
Mommies & babies. A favorite theme : )
Critter Blaster draft turns for mfg
Build-a-Baby - fabric doll ideation for mfg
Lovebirds - 360 cuddles
The Parrot Sketch ; )
Simple, sweet & rapid thumbnail ideation
Zoomorph deer - Sketch development of celtic zoomorph designs.

copyright Mary Lenehan 2011
seahorse zoomorph - celtic seahorse zoomorph & border concept sketch

copyright Mary Lenehan 2011
Sketch Book

A wide variety of sketch concepts for varied purpose. I love to see the structure underlying layouts. #bonestructure
Often like them better than the 'finished' work ; )

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Mary Lenehan
design . production . management Brookfield, IL