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Sample art for prototype. Activity/craft concept
Sample art for prototype. Activity/craft concept
Fashion dolls with ball joint in upper torso. Glam-poseable for Earth 2 Jane brand dolls with Learning Curve Intel.
Earth 2 Jane brand concept developed across categories. Magnetic features across fashion doll play, functional lifestyle accessories, and rag dolls. For Learning Curve Intnl.
Totally Spies, Learning Curve /RC2
Faces & fashion of diverse cultures. Comp sketch
Work in Progress - Mechanical Doll character
Hollie Hobbie classic rag doll and Layette set
Baby doll concept for eden
paper doll sketch for die line template
Wink' factor. Always.
Toy Design - Dolls

Licensed properties; Earth2Jane, Totally Spies, Holly Hobbie

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Mary Lenehan
design . production . management Brookfield, IL