Design for manufacturing - Form and function co-exist, to recreate the "Gas-lift chair."
"Ideation" - "Developing concepts through brainstorming."
Prototype - Stages of creating a prototype of the "Gas-lift Barstool."
Assembly - Specifications and features for assembly of "Gas-lift Barstool."
Rapture Bar Stool BOM - Bill of materials for construction of the bar stool
Rapture Bar Stool - Detailed view of inside 'foot rest.' Design for manufacturing; means all ribs are set at correct draft angles, screw bosses and support track align with opposite side. Giving the foot rest solid support.
Rapture Bar Stool - Detailed view; the underside of the chair cushion. Support bracket, which holds both the cushion and gas lift function in place. The support bracket is strong enough to withhold pressure asserted by force of a person weighing up to 120kg.
Kettle Design based on Dieter Rams 10 Principles of design. - Final concept.
Kettle : Dieter Rams - Form and function coexist, to form an new outlook for everyday products.
Flick Tray: Prototype development - Developing a mechanism to collapse a waiters tray from full size to pocket size. Shown are two stages of making the mechanism work. Overall advantages of stage two were; I was able to reduce size of prototype by 30mm and weight. However, maintain same strength qualities, through experimenting with the material alcobond. Furthermore, prototype two allowed for a better flowing mechanism through inserting an extra hinge in the middle on opposite side.
Design proposal - "New invention of a waiters tray."
Waiters Station - "Providing effective and efficient organisation."
Solidworks & Design thinking
Sheena Stoddart
Miss Sheena Stoddart Adelaide, Australia