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The Orbit is a reusable travel cup that is now in production and available in select retailers
The ball jointed straw mechanism allows drinking from any direction and an air tight seal when down
Engineering and part design for molding, assembly, and use
Drinking straw stowed away in the sealed position
Drinking straw open for use
Initial sketchbook doodles and first round FDM lid tests
Color and pattern experiments
Inspiration was found in several innovative products that utilize the benifits of ball and socket joints
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The Orbit Hydration Vessel

The Orbit is a reusable hydration vessel that allows drinking from any direction by way of a ball joint straw mechanism. I was responsible for conceiving the original concept, completing part design and engineering, managing final engineering support, prototype testing, body graphic treatments, and reviewing factory production samples.

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Mason Umholtz
Industiral Design Brooklyn, NY