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Falken tire logo to be translated into Vinyl stencil
Mapping out letter sizes from measurements taken on the tires. Determining which size to go with. Top is a 34mm letter hight, bottom is a 25mm letter height
Vector artwork for Falken lettering
Vinyl stencils ready to be applied
After testing on my spare wheels, the best method is to shave down the sidewall of the tire ( in my case I used a corded drill with an 80 grit sandpaper wheel ) This gives the stencil a fresh and smooth surface to adhere to.
Use a hair dryer or heat gun to heat the tire just before vinyl application
continue use of the heat gun to insure the vinyl is applied smoothly
work out any bubbles or creases
both vinyls applied
Masking off the edges of the vinyl to keep overspray at a minimum
Wheels bagged off for paint
Paint applied
Stencil removal. you can see how having a smoother surface has helped make nice crisp lines on the tire letters
overview of the results
Final product
Wheels with the vehicle
End results
Full vehicle shot
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Tire brand lettering

Experimental tire graphics for my personal vehicle build.

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Matt Hilburn
Founder of Hilburn Automotive Auburn Hills, MI