2009 Ranger - Studio image of 2009 Ranger. Agressive new restyle of the market leading Ranger side by side.
2009 Ranger Sketch - Ideation/ Render
2009 Sportsman - Images of the final Sportsman Recreational/ Utility ATV.
ATV Ideation - Outlaw Sport ATV Ideation page. The new styling was based over parts of existing components. The theme was to get a lighter looking style than the existing Outlaw.
Revolver Reloaded sketch - Sketch of new "Reloaded" concept
2007 Revolver Reloaded - Frt three quarter Studio image of running prototype................... Revolver Reloaded is the next radical step towards a possible production version of the original Revolver concept vehicle that debuted in Paris two years ago. It is urban and aggressive and ready to run down anything. Wrapped entirely in a stealthy carbon fiber body the Reloaded concept is built specifically to handle on-road usage, as was its predecessor.
2007 Revolver Reloaded (Studio Image of Running Prototype) - Revolver Reloaded will reach speeds of over 122kph(76 mph) due to its new gearing and 500cc engine. The Reloaded concept also carves turns better than any other ATV on the market due to its lower & longer stance. Revolver Reloaded is 14.3mm(6.5”) wider & 2.6mm(1”) longer than a current Outlaw IRS. The chrome a-arms front & rear have been fabricated especially for this ATV by Professional Racer Daryl Rath of Rath Racing. It is all combined together into one killer looking & performing package
2007 Revolver Reloaded - 2007 Revolver "Reloaded" Running prototype debuted at the EICMA Motorcycle show Milano IT Nov.
2007 Revolver Reloaded - 2007 Revolver Running Prototype
Revolver sketches - Orginal ideation page- Dakar ralley version
Revolver sketches - Formula 1 version
Revolver sketches - Original ideation page- urban stunter version
2006 Revolver - Studio image. Revolver
2006 Revolver - Studio images Dec 06
2006 Polaris Revolver - Debuted at the 2005 Paris Motorbike show. This concept was built to look at what an on-road specific two up riding ATV might look like. The styling is agressive and street tough, based off of a 500cc fourstroke motor and ATV chassis.
2006 Youth/ Phoenix - 250cc ATV for smaller adults.
Quick ideation sketch ATV - Old ideation sketch from 2005
concept motorcycle - Rendering of top rear view. Title "Corset Design"
Proto bike - quick concept sketch.
2006 Sportsman X2 - Two-up ATVs have become the fastest-growing segment in the ATV industry. The Sportsman X2 has been said to be “the most versatile ATV ever”. The X2 transforms from a one up machine with a 400-pound-capacity dump box to a two-up touring machine in only 10 seconds, giving riders an option in how they want to ride.
2005 Outlaw ideations sketch (rear) - Sketch done in PhotoShop

First Independant Rear Suspension Sport ATV on the market.
2003 Predator Alias work - The 2003 Predator orginal A- side surfaces were constructed in Alias. B-side details and some exterior radi were completed by engineering in Pro-E.
2003 Predator - 2003 Sport Quad of the Year – ATV Sport,
Sport Performance ATV of the Year – The 2003 ATV Guide
2003 Sport ATV of the Year – ATV Rider
2005 Sportsman - All new Polaris Sportsman for 2005. Marketed as "The Toughest ATV on the Planet." Lead Designer.
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