“MS1” is an Arduino-based low cost automatic swarm bot mine detection system. It is divided
into small operating groups, where every robot is given its own preassigned coordinates, to scan a specific zone, constantly in touch with the others. The units have the capacity to self-organize and partition the given area into
a definite number of scanning sectors, which correspond to analysis periods, lasting around
2 to 4 weeks. They are also autonomously power supplied, thanks to solar energy, thus significantly reducing the need for any external human intervention. The results of the process are constantly uploaded to a local server, from
where every agency involved will be able to access and download them.

Name: Mine Sweeper One
Year: 2009
Designers: Matteo Mazzero, Giuseppe Gennaro,
Dario Martini, Raffi Tchakerian,
Moreno Zandonà
Context: Interactive Devices Laboratory, IUAV.
Environment: Minefields, war zones.

Matteo Mazzero
Senior Industrial Designer Zürich, Switzerland