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State of the Art
Design digitally - Using 3D programs (potentially from home) to design the characters and post the information necessary to build online.
Online Store - The purchase is made online. The file is then sent to a local manufacturer/prototyper.
Rapid Manufacture - Any number of print processes and materials can be used at this point to vary the end result. The size can be scaled as well according to print capabilities and desired product.
Personalization - At this point a professional could be used to paint the figure, or it could be a personal project.
Community - Encouraging a community aspect could bring popularity and potential to the project.
Fresh armless 3D print
Clown Arm
Robotron ABS print
Painted silver
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Bigblueteddybear-senior capstone
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Matt Grote
Freelance Designer/Artist at the Grote Makery cincinnati, OH