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Company Brochure - Bayernets

The image brochure for the german transmission system operator bayernets provides information about the company and how the transport of natural gas through its 1.333 km distribution system works.
Being one of the biggest gas grid operators Bayernets' network covers an area of 32,000 square kilometers. The company plays an important role in providing security of supply for households and industries in bavaria.
As an active market player Bayernets contributes to the future development of a national and European gas distributing infrastructure.

The brochure provides information about the most important topics of gas transportation and the companies' efforts to provide a secure supply of energy while protecting the environment. The portraits show the people that stand behind the diverse duties and responsibilities and so contribute to the authenticity.

The choice of paper gives the brochure a distinctive look and feel and blends in with other printed publications.  

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Matthias Wimmer
Designer Munich, Germany