Sins Nightlife Complex Logo
Introduction - The justification for this Nightlife Complex is to help reduce drinking and driving, by combing all elements of the nightlife in one location with the availably of overnight accommodations at the hotel. This will also help reduce the need for transportation making it more affordable and environmentally friendly.
Going Green - The green roof will allow the building to stay cool in the summer by trapping the sun's heat and help insulate heat in the winter within the building. The URE Chair is made from recycled materials.The tinted glass will help stop light pollution and also help by keeping out sun rays.
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
Fifth and Sixth Floor
LED Tunnel Corridor
Sins Nightlife Complex Logo
Sins Nightlife Complex - LED Light Vortex Tunnel
"Gluttony" Resturant
Lobby with Kiosk
"Vanity & Pride" Nightclub
"Sloth" Lounge
"Greed" and "Wrath" Bar
SINS Nightlife Complex
Freelance, Full-time
Melissa Policaro
Senior Graphic Designer Bellmore, NY