Type fonts design sample 01
Wine bar Logo poster
Caffemio Logo Artwork
Wine bar-special events Backdrop
Wine bar management info-sign
Wine bar-Specials menu
Wine bar-Opening main door sign
Wine bar-credits info Poster-sticker
Bran bottle-label (back)
Wine bar-Sweets menu Counter-display
Window sticker-promo lay out
Wine bar big menu-wines-back
Wine bar big menu-wines
Wine bar big menu-food
Wine bar big menu-sweets
Wine bar small menu-coffee
Wine bar small menu duo
Wine bar flyer
Wine bar Welcome-poster
Wine bar-menu poster
Wine bar NL20(Dutch Mag) ad 01
Wine bar NL20(Dutch Mag) full page-ad 02
Wine bar-Poster info 01
Wine bar-Poster info 02
Wine bar stationery
Big poster for stand-special events sample 01
Internal sign for restaurant_sample 01
Internal sign for restaurant_sample 02
School project CD cover022
School project CD cover01
Catholic school form layout 01
Catholic school form layout 02
DTK Computers magazine ad-full page - Layout-composition and text-copyright made for the ad.
Hewlett Packard-comp & accesories Mag ad-full page - Layout, composition of the ad.
Ivisa Industries Parts promo-magazine ad
Children's day-ad for press
Small Mag-ad 01
Small Mag-ad 02
Small Mag-ad 03
Small Mag-ad 04
Small Mag-ad 05
Small Mag-ad 06
Small Mag-ad 07
Small Mag-ad 08
Small Mag-ad 09
Small Mag-ad 10
Small Mag-ad 11
Small Mag-ad 12
Small Mag-ad 13
Small Mag-ad 14
Small Mag-ad 15
Small Mag-ad 16
Small Mag-ad 17
Susbcription promo-ad
International Dance-Folklore Fest. Badge
Filetrs magazine ad 01
Filters magazine full page- ad 02
SAE Institute-DJ Party 01
SAE Institute-DJ Party 02
SAE Institute-DJ Party 03
SAE Institute-DJ Party 04
SAE Institute-DJ Party 05
SAE Institute-DJ Party 06
SAE Institute-DJ Party 07
SAE Institute-DJ Party 08
SAE Institute DJ Party Night flyer-poster
SAE-Dj-Night_Flyer_Impulse-Oct_2008 - SAE Institute promotional e-flyer for the monthly edition of "the SAE Dj Night" for students and general public.
SAE Institute DJ Party Night flyer-poster - Xmas day
DJ party-tickets lay out 01
UBI Poster-sample 01
Web page-promo lay out 01
AudiospraY poster sample - One of a few samples made all in vector for a new music pop band
Invoice lay out 01
MGD poster promo 01
Vector poster sample 02
Exhibition poster sample 01
Mijn Wijn - Vinomio, The new international wine bar and label. Brand philosophy promo ad for NL 20 Local dutch Magazine.
mijn wijn - POS (Point of sale poster) Vinomio, the new italian international wine bar and label
Magnum bottle Promo visual
Wine label Promo visual
wine bar and label - NL20 mag_ad
wine bar promo-postcard (front)
wine bar promo-postcard (back)
Supperclubcruise wet party POS
wine bar and label-NL20 mag ad Xmass Party
wine bar TODAY's counter sign
Wine bar menu illustrated - wines
Wine bar menu illustrated - wines flights
Wine bar menu illustrated - food base
Wine bar menu illustrated - mare
Wine bar menu illustrated - terra
Wine bar menu illustrated - caffe
Wine bar fountain visual 01
Wine bar fountain visual 05
Wine bar fountain visual 02
Wine bar fountain visual 03
Wine bar fountain visual 04
Stylissimo! Dj evening-launch party-flyer - A6 size flyer for web promotion and general prints.
Stylissimo! Dj evening II - front
Stylissimo! Dj evening II - back
Grolsch-banner -On Location Signage
Logo Keizersgracht 465 Amsterdam - Artwork of the logo with the location image outlined as background
Indoors signage-Wine bar 1680-1922 - Indoors sign A3 format for the wine bar
Wine bar Booklet-Welcome
Wine bar Booklet-Coffee list
Wine bar Booklet-coffe
Wine bar Booklet-food list
Wine bar Booklet-pasta
Wine bar Booklet-wine
outdoors signage-Wine bar ENG - 300 x 50 cm sign-sticker for window
outdoors signage-Wine bar-ITA - 300 x 50 cm sign-sticker for window
outdoors signage - Wine bar -NL - 300 x 50 cm sign-sticker for window
Stationery Set Pacific Sphere Photography
Artworks various
Jesus Mendoza
Creative Illustrator - Graphic Designer Amsterdam, Netherlands