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Astral Shepherd 1

Just an idea from a strong subject matter that some of us got into back in the early 70's. Transforming this project into plausible Sci-Fi I have been mowing over this 3D model from a few sketches i saw from many years ago. This may explain why such a modular ship design . Objectivity goal was to design/model a early 1970s sci-fi vessel that governs and monitors multiple worlds that have written treaties and passed agreements to treat space as a cosmic commons. Some of you may recognize the "Theta" symbol and what it stands for. The Astral Shepherd protecting "Ecology"in space from strip mining and polluting natural resources of the planets and negotiating and maintaining complicating treaties.Modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D and a Photoshop paint over post production. Thanks for stopping by. Michael.

Michael Daglas
Concept Artist / 3D Artist / Illustrator / Designer San Diego, CA