All done in Adobe Illustrator, 2020 Dumpster Fire
Sketching, modeling and digital painting. Based on a dream I had along time ago that I still remember.
Rendering - Half with Microstation modeling and half in Photoshop.
Glass Elevator and Balcony - Entire image was created. The computer model was used as a guide and most of the work was done in Photoshop. Some pieces were taken from photographs.
Rendering/Montage - Top Image: The center building was modeled in Microstation and rendered. Half the work was done in Photoshop to enhance it. The entire surrounding site was created in Photoshop using several photos. Bottom Image: Close up of one of the entrances. Modeled in Microstation and enhanced in Photoshop.
Rendering/Montage - Top Left: Left building added to photo. Top Right: Night scene created from photo. Middle Left: Entire image created. Microstation and Photoshop. Middle Right: Tower added. Bottom: Exploded plan showing a complex circulation flow.
Interior Renderings/3D Plan - Top Left: Before image. Top Right: After image. Computer modeling, montaging and a lot of Photoshop. Middle Left: Entire image created. Microstation and Photoshop. Bottom Left: Full size mock-up. Bottom Right: Entire scene created.
Residence and Studio Addition - Top Image: A very simple computer model was built and photographs of other building parts were assembled over the model to create the final image. Bottom Image: The studio "box" to the right was added. Photoshop was used to enhance the studio, the deck and reconfigure the windows on the back of the house.
Ipad sketches
iPad Robots
engineers at work Hand drawing based on a photo I took and colored in photoshop
I worked with a Lighting Designer to turn an afternoon photograph into a nighttime scene with her ideas for the exterior of the building. All photoshop.
Computer Renderings
Michael Schrader
Illustration, concept design, modeling Fitchburg, WI