CD Tower/ Console Table - Photos and renderings of some projects I designed and built.
Coat tree - Natural found objects with a contemporary
look. The branch is maple, the wood around the base is lacewood, and the stone is unknown. All from CT. I like the silver in the stone.
Bookcase - A bookcase I designed and built. There are no fasteners in the main body of the
piece. All pieces intersect.
Centerpiece Wine Display - Inspired by nature with these found objects.
I created a way to join them into one piece.
Found letters - I photographed these shapes that represent letters. I played with positive and negative space, scale and texture.
Driftwood Salmon - Small pieces of drift wood were assembled to create a king salmon. The body and the fins were two different types of wood to create texture. The center of the body was made up of the largest pieces to bring more three dimensionally to a 2d piece.
Folk Art Chicken, what else is there to say.
Entirely hand made. Hammered bowl, pipe was bent and stone was shaped.
Another coat tree made from a piece of Mountain Laurel
Another fish
Just being ridiculous, dressing up as one of my illustrations for an engineering holiday party. Fortunately I only had to wear it for 5 minutes.
Created and designed the vanity, concrete counter top, the trim and assembled the barnwood wall.
A chicken coop I designed and built for a non-profit, Hope and a Future.
There is a sloped roof (clear corrugated plastic) that was orientated to the south
so there could be a place above the coop to start plants in the spring.
It is also modular so it could be moved without too much difficulty.
Plenty of access flaps for easy clean out.

Hand made "stuff"

Full-time, Moonlighting
Michael Schrader
Illustration, concept design, modeling Fitchburg, WI