Ability to interpret sketches with a short conversation and create 3d visuals
that tell a story based off of that information.
Specialized air handling unit for a healthcare setting.
Chilled Beam from Germany.
Fire protection piping.
Basic geothermal system.
Conceptual ideas for marketing
Heat recovery wheel from and air handling unit.
Chilled Beam in an office setting, air flow and piping
Heating system between glass panes to keep them from frosting in the cold Alaska winters.
Chilled Beam showing air flow.
Exhaust Fan
Vertical axis wind turbines.
Engineering Componets

Illustrations of mechanical equipment used
for buildings.
SketchUp, Illustrator and Photoshop and some scanned hand sketches.

Full-time, Moonlighting
Michael Schrader
Illustration, concept design, modeling Fitchburg, WI