Aeropak: Reduces Drag

I did a set of studies to try to prove out an idea I had, that you could wear a backpack optimized to reduce your drag coefficient while on a bike. Very fun to learn about how the airflow is actually working... a lot of my initial ideas made things worse rather than helping! Although in the end, my double shoulder design actually reduces the drag coefficient from .7 to .53 in some studies.

Some notes: the air flowing up and over the top of the rider is the most important, it runs up and past the head, and then rushes quickly down the back shooting behind the bottom and entering the turbulent air behind the legs. If you can optimize this jet of air coming down the back, it actually forces its way into the turbulence and clarifies the whole area, creating a balance where there was a low pressure.

The double shoulder design calms the low pressures behind the shoulders, and helps direct the high speed jet behind the head, creating an even stronger jet. Anyone want one? Kickerstarter?

Michael David Young
Design Lead Formula Boats and Automotive Designer Columbus, OH