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Glickenhaus - Baja Boot

A complete honor as always, I have had the privilege of working for Jim Glickenhaus to design the modern Baja Boot.

Jim owns the original Boot which Steve McQueen raced in, and we worked together to envision what a 5-seater modern take on that could look like. All in the books for the next two years: scale Ojos de Salado with the world record altitude driving attempt at around 22,615ft, drive from Times Square New York across the Bering Strait to Paris, and race in the Baja... Lets do this : ) Feeling pretty proud of myself with the environmental renderings the backgrounds are stitched from about 6 images each... working for a movie director these things matter.

Currently working for SCG with Armada Engineering to produce the 2 door red version of the Boot to race in the 2019 Baja 1000. Road version will be available of 2 and 4 door imminently as well.

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Michael David Young
Freelance Industrial and Automotive Designer Columbus, OH