Initial rough CAD model for me functions similar to clay modeling. I just keep it rough and quick to evaluate many different forms in 3D. Much like a three dimensional sketch
RUSH GT/Placid :: Michael Young

This is a personal design that has been purchased by Rush Auto Works for future production. Look for a three seater and single seater version coming down the line after the SR1 and SR2 see production.

The chassis of this car is unique with dual crumple boxes and two roll bars front and back, providing adequate crash and roll protection with 70mm head clearance in an upside down scenario. Single front radiator cools a monster drive train in the rear, with RAW looking at high horse power options for a V8 and transaxle.

As a single seater this car offers many driver and aesthetic benefits. Much like the Mclaren F1, the center driver position allows for a very forward feeling cockpit, harkening to LMP aesthetics. Driver's feet are still behind the front axle for safety, but there is plenty of room on either side for ample suspension in the front.

Michael David Young
Design Lead Formula Boats and Automotive Designer Columbus, OH