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Rush Auto Works SR1

Working with David Hosie of Rush Auto Works to design and produce bodywork for the new SR1. This is a very exciting car and with RAW's wealth of racing history and engineering experience I anticipate this will be a game changer. Its smaller than a normal car and packs a unique punch for people interested in racing without emptying their bank accounts. RAW had designed and built a driving version of the car with no bodywork and contacted me to create a design for bodywork as well as provide production ready data to send to their fiberglass supplier. Bodywork is currently in the final stages of refinement, and I am working with RAW's excellent engineering experience and advisement to create part breakup and fastening strategy for final parts. Stay tuned for a 30K purchase price!! Also watch a video, this car sounds amazing on the track.

I am also having fun running aero simulations and tests for this project too, a first time for me but it is going well.

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Michael David Young
Freelance Industrial and Automotive Designer Columbus, OH