Milk Run Logo

If you’re into the Omaha local music scene or live in the downtown area, you may have heard about or been to a show at Milk Run, a new DIY venue space opened up late last year by Perpetual Nerve's Chris Aponick and Sam Parker. They approached me after the venues first few shows to work up some logo ideas and after some revisions and the surprisingly tedious task of vectorizing the pen lines, it’s finally finished!

“Mostly we just wanted to keep going with the positive momentum that was flowing at the Sweatshop Gallery between Craig Dee’s Eyeball Promotions shows and our shows there. We felt the best route was to give ourselves a home base that we curated and organized.” - Chris Aponick in an interview with The Reader

Milk Run is at 1907 Leavenworth St. ( right next door to Shucks).

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Mike Kronberger
Designer / Illustrator Chicago, IL