Several of the initial design concepts that were developed. It was decided that the enclosure would incorporate both plastic and metal visible components.
Considerations for Kisi's design language – outline of the enclosure's front has a keyhole/light-bulb shape.
In this rough concept the enclosure front snaps into the base, simplifying assembly. The keyhole shape creates a gap between the enclosure front and metal ring, which facilitates access to programmable light sensors and improves ventilation.
The snap-together concept was worked on and the most refined version has a wood veneer front plate with an LED-illuminated logo, which helps to accentuate this signature form. The front plate could ideally be changed based on customer preference.
Kisi Box Enclosure

Kisi is a New York based startup that provides its customers with an innovative keyless building access system – users can use their phones to unlock doors through a building’s wifi network. The heart of this system’s electronic hardware is housed in a wall-mounted unit called the Kisi Box.

This is a brief overview of my contributions towards the design of the Kisi Box.

Mike Vladimirov
Mechanical/Product Design Consultant New York, NY