Versado is a compact device that ventilates a shower without an electrical power source, while saving water.
Turbochargers have been used to increase the power of internal combustion engines for over a century. This turbocharger uses water from a shower’s tap, indicated by the cyan arrow, to spin a turbine that pumps hot air, indicated by the red arrow, from the bathroom.
Compact and Lightweight – the largely plastic assembly is only around 4 inches wide, making it easy to integrate in existing plumbing systems.
Optimized for easy assembly, the product consists of only 10 non-fastening components and can be readily assembled with only one wrench.
Versado - Water Powered Ventilation

The goal of this project was to create a shower ventilation system that would use no electrical power, while helping users to save water.

Mike Vladimirov
Mechanical/Product Design Consultant New York, NY