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Creachair is a design concept for a children’s chair, which will also be their play buddy and help them develop creativity, imagination, motor and tactile skills. Creative expression and tactile stimulation are very important for cognitive and physical development of a child. We were led by the idea to create a product that encourages children to express emotions, practice visual communication and participate with the design process from an early age. Creachairs are an open call for a playful collaboration and exchanging ideas between kids.

Every chair is assembled out of a seat, legs, eyes, teeth and leg covers, all of them in various shapes, colours and materials. Kids of early age can make new and different characters on their own in endless combinations. They will experience many different tactile sensations and ways to co-create a play buddy using velcro, zippers, buttons, laces…

This product has been developed in OBLIKUS design studio, co-author Tamara Panic
Size: 300x300x300mm

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Freelance, Full-time
Miroslav Milović
Industrial Designer Beograd, Serbia