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Anica the Ballerina - I wanted to illustrate my dog. She's such a crazy one. Loves to wear clothes and does amazing tricks. You can check out a 'gif' process of the work on the link below.

Everything is Relative (digital) - software: Photoshop (digital painting)

You gotta love Einstein!
Chirp - software: Photoshop (digital painting)

I was looking through some random images and then I saw some birds. I thought it'd be cool to Illustrate them. So I ran with my first sketch and I didn't stop until I was done.
Gamer Dude (digital) - software: Photoshop (digital painting)

Those late nights.
A Black Widow in 3 views (Marker and Color Pencils on llustration paper) - 11x17 color pencils, markers on illustration paper.
Three Strike Rule (graphite drawing)
Leda and the Swan (gouache on Illustration board) - This was an in school project I did, illustrating a poem by Yeats.
::Guache on Illustration Board 9x12::
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Ritchie Ramirez
Freelance Artist Los Angeles, CA