Concept of high capacity city troley bus - low entry highly glassed cabit, three articulated cabins for better maneuverability. All electric equipment situated on the roof of vehicle. Trapeze aluminium frame provide interesting game on the side walls, interesting windows composition
left side of the vehicle, more clean, more simple besides interuption by doors
rear part - LED stripes of rear lamps
Opened door - LED color stripes around them show the correct directions for passengers. Huge side glass surfaces are supported by the roof windows stripes....good for sightseeing
such a long bus - 25 meters....but why not
come in...
night view - a lot of glass
coch bus concept, trapeze frame used for side window layout
Front part, game between painted and black parts, sharp front lights, hornet`s expression
side view with opened doors and luggage space
side view with opened luggage space
rear par - side line connected with the edge around the rear light
side fender edges
right side...
again front part
Aerocoach is a concept of aerodynamically shaped electric coach for quiet, comfortable and efficient traveling. Standard three axis chasis is a platform for new inner architecture. Electric motors in wheels are getting 6x6 wheel drive and batteries in the floor between them get a lot of space for luggage and space for new standards of deformation zones. High deck layout is standard but the driver seat situated in the middle of the car in narrow nose is getting perfect view from the cabin and more efficient shapes with less aerodynamic resist.
Rear part is also getting narrower shapes. Luggage space door and rear cabine window are slightly sunk inside the rear part which create the side wings for making less air vortices behind the moving vehicle. Rear lights are on sides of the rear side wings as a 3d LED objects which look like a winglets. Their shapes help to get lights to the most of the rear outline of the car.
Renderings show contrast car body painting. Nose and rear parts are matte black against the gloss painting of cabin panels and front aerodynamic fender/bumper modules. Narrow nose is richly glazed and the side view is better cause of the glass frame in front pillars. Just one wide entrance door on right side. Rear wheels are covered by shields to make the overall shapes more sleek and smooth.
Rear lamps are so significant design part. They are fully lighted by LED stripes also from side to get more crystal and high-tech transparent look. They have a tunnel inside for better air flowing through.
Aerocoach from the front. Front full LED lamps compound of the full wide car LED stripe, composition of LED matrix dipped lights and high beam lights. Front spoiler is domination of the front and distribute the air flow for cooling the motors and below the car chassis. The rear diffuser also helps to air distribution below the car and is decently hidden in the rear part.
Here is the detail of rear part with wing lamps and diffuser at the bottom.
Bus Design

different renders of bus design

Miroslav Dorotcin
Mgr.Art Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia