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I used wood scraps and wood glue to created this for my 3D Art Class. This is actually two pieces at go together.
This is an abstract 3D art, I used a clay molding that I made, cement, food colorings, and woods to created this piece.
This is my first sculpture project, I used oven-bake clay, wires, and aluminum paper to make created this.
This is a side view of my cat sculpture (unpainted), I used oven-bake clay, wires, and aluminum paper.
The a paint version of my first sculpture project, this was painted with furniture paint.
This is a basic car design, I created while learning Maya.
This a 3D bedroom, I used Maya.
3D Artworks

Those are some of my artworks, while I was learn to do Maya, Life Sculptures, and 3D Arts

Freelance, Full-time
Monica Duong
Diamond Bar, CA