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This is my final version of Reggie is my first characters design project. I used pencils, before I ink it.
This is my second character design that I did by hand. I used pencils, tracing paper, and ink.
This is a caricature of Agatha Christie. This is original image, before it became a map image. I used color pencils, pencil, ink pen, and the basic paint program.
This is one of the Agatha Christie map image prototype, I was think of doing for this project. I use a copy of my Agatha Christie caricature.
Another one of my Agatha Christie map image. This one of the final version, I turn in.
This final version of Agatha Christie caricature map image. I turn this image and long with another, for my final. I used pencils, scissor, black ink, glue, computer mouse, and basic painting program.
Caricatures and Characters designs

This is a collection of my artworks for my caricature and characters class. I did not use adobe photo shop or/and adobe illustrator program for them.

Freelance, Full-time
Monica Duong
Diamond Bar, CA