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This is a beginning drawing of a pencil and charcoal sketch of a mask.
This is the final sketch of a mask, I used charcoal and pencil.
This is a sketches of hands, I used color pencils and charcoal pencil.
This is a draw of a classmate. I used pencil.
This is a sketch of wig model stands from my head and hands class. I used pencils.
This is two piece painting of noses, mouths, eyes, and ears. I use water and oil mix paints.
This is a practice sketch, I used pencil.
This is another head practice drawing, I used pencil.
This is a base drawing of my classmate, we was practice mood drawing.
This is an anger sketch of my classmate. I used pencil and tracing paper.
This is a self drawing that was done, when I first start school. I used pencil.
This is a self drawing, I used charcoal on newsprint paper.
Head and Hand

This is a collection of faces and hands that I draw while I was in school.

Freelance, Full-time
Monica Duong
Diamond Bar, CA