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Monoblock the family

Monoblock is a didactic proposal that allows children to create the model of a moving toy (car or truck), according to their taste. The car line offers several designs made of pine wood treated with totally innocuous water-based varnish, which children “paint” by fitting the EVA rubber pieces (non-toxic and recyclable) of the color selected by themselves. Additionally, cabins and the wheels are interchangeable between the different models, expanding the possibilities of the game almost indefinitely.
Monoblock toys can also interact with other toys. Trucks and Pick ups can hold a conductor in their cabins, as well as different types of loads, etc. One of the most important features in the development of the Monoblock concept, is that kids can recognize in their toys the design of cars and trucks that they usually see in the streets. We think it is important that children see their toys matched to their surroundings; e.g. aerodynamic lines, flashy colors, powerful wheels, etc.

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Meder Marcelo
Industrial Design Buenos Aires, Argentina