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Sewing machine snap on guide - 1/8 clear acrylic, cut on Zund G3, heated and bent by hand
Sewing machine guide in use.
Travel Kit Proposal - 3mm sintra and rope -Printed on Vutek and finished on ZUND G3
1st level interior view - acts as divider for media pamphlet
Interior compartments, packed with travel necessities.
Modular Brochure Holder - Allows end user to customize, print, or reprint header or pocket, or adjust pocket capacity, while keeping other pieces intact. 1/8" clear acrylic, heat bent, no glue, easy assembly. Ships in near-flat format. Can also be compatible with other .125" substrates, for a mixed media presentation.
Chessboard - Created in SolidWorks - Las Vegas Dice Theme
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'keet water bottle concept - Solidworks/Illustrator
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'keet kozy deluxe - Solidworks
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Furniture concept - Tubular Steel and kevlar wrapped foam - Solidworks
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Dual Use Fire Pit - for cooking or chillin' - Solidworks Project
Fire Pit Legs are adjustable in stance and height. Two-way sliding leg design provides 30" height for cooking and 24" for seated use as a traditional fire pit.
The variable stance also helps to level the pit on uneven surfaces like those found on backyards with installed stone pavers. Lower ash can has a sliding ring to adjust airflow into the bowl.
Removable spit assembly with modular/variable skewer design, to hole various sizes and multiple pieces of food.
Removable kabob rack with traditional wide Persian style "sikh" skewers for ground meats.
Four quadrant grill with swing to the side flexibility to access coals and control cooking temperatures, assists on load and offload ease.
Stone table ring with bookshelf style supports for prep surface or holding drinks and snacks.
1:64 "hobby scale" RC slotless 6 player race set with wireless charging pit area
Ambi remote with touch screen. Three way power switch allows user to customize button orientation for left or right handed preferences.
1:64 scale NASCAR style chassis with Li-Po battery and wireless electronic interface.
Start/Finish line track segment with pit row, complete with wireless charging pads.
Silicone elastomer track connectors, allow for secure connection but flexible enough to add inclines or declines to the race course.
90 degree track section with integrated walls and connection points, with dual purpose left or right turn modularity.
Straight track section with integrated walls and connection points. Optional chicane section also available, shown in the composite drawing.
Tablet interface for race settings and heads up leader board.
Industrial Design
Christopher Wong
Structural Packaging Designer San Mateo, CA