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Drone Delivery Carton Design: .018 bending chipboard with moisture barrier coating, designed to withstand drop from 60 feet, with gusseted corners to aid in strength, liquid retention, and can be shipped flat to destinations around the world, as part of the Zipline Drone delivery system.
medical device packaging - 24pt board stock
one piece folding stent card - 24pt board stock
water urn flower vase - 24pt board strock
Kit packaging for multiple items - 24 pt board stock
A real "X-Box" 24 pt board stock
24 pt board - minimal gluing - multi-layer presentation.
multiple pieces for munitions company - 24pt and 14 pt ccnb board stock with poly window
Presentation Kit - 18 pt c1s - dedicated compartments to hold flash drive and wallet cards
Sales Presentation Kit - 130lb uncoated double thick cover - includes interior structures made of same paper, to support the weight of product
Billboard style take-one brochure displays - 24pt SBS, machine glued and ships flat.
Deck-o-cards, multiple presentation options, standard tuck end, RELF, and telescoping frame view boxes, 16 pt SBS board stock
Pharmaceutical Patient Kit - 24pt SBS - Holds product information and sunscreen for new patients
Medical Component Packaging - 18pt sbs - protective insert and carrier for variable size mouthpieces.
Flip Top Card Box - 18 pt sbs and 6 mil vinyl - Four decks of cards in a hinged lid presentation, similar to a movie clapper board slate.
Large cosmetic sampler promotional kit - 24pt sbs - Canted the product to increase visual impact, ease of removal, and maintain manufacturability due to press sheet limitations.
Paperboard Presentation Box for small plastic case - 15pt sbs
Beauty Products Kit - 24 pt sbs
Reorient Rose & Root Packaging - 130lb Neenah Classic Crest Stipple Cover
Dayala Levenson - Aslan Graphics - Designer
Charmian Liang and Emily Berry at BerryCreative - Illustrations
Becki Engler - Monvera Glass D├ęcor
Structural Design - Chris Wong - Moquin Press
2015 Visual Media Alliance :: Best of Show Award for Design
Wine Fan Mailer - 16pt sbs outer box with book flap, for wine guide printed on 100 cover with a chicago screw assembly.
Produced in conjunction with Andresen.
Consumer Electronics packaging - 24 pt sbs - 5" x 5" cube with lower partition for AC adapter.
The elephant wanted to play - 18pt CCNB with pentagons reversed - custom three way universal joints.
Pharmaceutical Packaging - 16pt SBS one piece Snap Lock Bottom, with hanger peg hole option. Internal riser helps show the entire bottle label.
Dual Use Display Box. 24pt SBS - Custom 6-corner Biers, with dual purpose lid. The hinged hippo mouth can be removed allowing capability of folding the remainder into a traditional POP header billboard.
Swing Open Pack - .018 SBS interior compartment swings out to allow easy access to contents
Pill Box - .018 SBS - compartmentalized recesses subdivide medication for dosage identification, with a unique platform which elevates the product upon opening for ease of removal
Balm Carton - .018 SBS - Angled geometric design allows easy sampling of the product and presents the lid label with a pedestal presentation
Oil Cartridge Carton -.018 SBS - uniquely balanced product within a highly modified straight tuck end carton
folding cartons

paperboard constructions

Christopher Wong
Structural Packaging Designer San Mateo, CA