The Masked Squirrel Defender - This character will be used for my demo reel for when I graduate from the school.
Tao the cat - Tao was a character I used for a small flash video I did a few months ago in class.
Eragor the Vathian Warrior - A Champion in his world, this character is featured in a story I plan to make into an animated series.
Wanita the Praying Mantis - This was the 8th week of animal drawing in which we had to do Insects as if they were designed for 3d animation thus making it as realistic as possible.
Wolf the Huskey - this guy was done during the earlier weeks of animal drawings. When I own pets of my own I plan to have a husky that is more wolf-ish and name him Wolf.
Protecting our home (B&W) - This was done awhile back for dynamic anatomy as we had to create a scene featuring two characters in dynamic poses. I plan on coloring this one day. So keep an eye out for it.
Caleb: Knight #5 - Caleb is one of many characters I'm creating for an animated series I'm trying to develop. He's part of the Knights of Aura with his weapon he can fuse his spiritual energy to create a powerful earths shaking move.
Roc - This little dude came from crumpled up paper or at least the head is and then I continued to create a character from there. He may be added to a series I'm trying to put together, I'm thinking of making that its baby form and trying to come up with an adult form, kinda like Digimon.
Princess Tanya Knight # 1 - She is the daughter of the late King Zarcon who was also leader of the Knights. As the Princess, she has been chosen by the councilmen to lead the other Knights to victory. Now here she is demonstrating one of the abilities the knights posses as they can bend their Aura or life force into energy. Just like the others she too will be in color.
Laban - Laban is the villain in my story he was a former Knight until he was banished from the kingdom for trying to over throw the throne. He too will be colored in soon.
Kevin Hybrid Lineart - I know what you're thinking... Gargoyle right? Wrong!! It's really a dragon hybrid. What happened is that my main character (Kevin) gets gene-spliced with a dragon by the evil Laban to use him as a powerful weapon against the other Knights. This I have been meaning to do for some time and now I can; this is just the Line art of it as I'll be coloring it real soon. I'm so excited!!! ^_^
Xiongmao the Panda - Xiongmao is Chinese for Panda, he is Miaka's (another charatcer of mine) best friend and tries to protect her as she tends to get herself into trouble at times. is Chinese for Panda, he is Miaka's (another charatcer of mine) best friend and tries to protect her as she tends to get herself into trouble at times.
The Power of Aura - I took awhile but I finally finished the picture of Tanya using Corel and Photoshop for the star and glow effect. I'm trying to figure out how to create an animated gif and post it but I guess I have to turn it into an avatar instead. But if anyone knows how I can submit a Gif as art by all means let me know
Lurker - This art had to be done in Corel cause it would not have done justice in Photoshop. I saw this creature in a vision that I knew would be awesome as the initial creature for my animated series I'm putting together. The mask it wears is comprised of nannites, once the mask is placed on a person, the nannites consume the persons life force (Body and all) and changes them into a Lurker. The markings on its body is how it is able to communicate with other lurkers.
Illustration of Xiongmao - This was done in Electronic Illustration in which we had to paint fur. So I chose to redo Xiongmao (a.k.a A.P.P. (Accident-proned Panda))
Twinkle - This is Twinkle my secondary character for my Demo Reel he's an alien mongoose who is separated from it's family till he befriends a human girl Sara. When he is found Sara gives him her ball as a token of friend ship. * Please not if you see a Liger in the back ground of my artworks it's just the watermark.
Star Buddy - Star Buddy was original going to be the one that befriends Sara in my demo reel but due to certain circumstances in regards to movie that came out in 2005 I wasn't able to use my original idea and claim it my own. But it's all good as Twinkle is just as nice
Sara Dawson - This is Sara the main character for my demo reel. She is a seven year old girl who's pet died, she then befriends Twinkle the alien mongoose who gets separated from his family. She then let's him return to his family but gives him her pet's toy ball as a token of friendship. She will be 2-d Animated
Dragon Hybrid - This is a concept I came up with based on a story I plan to make into an animated series. it was done in Corel Painter
Character Designs
Nyisha Haynes
Illustrator and Production Assistant Port Charlotte, FL