POP DISPLAY - 21 CFR Part 801 COMPLIANT, BRAND CONSISTENCY, GRAPHIC DESIGN: This branded tray was designed as part of a direct mail sampling program to doctor offices. The graphics follow the the Replens brand standards.Replens ranks #6 in the Lubricants CategoryIRI 52 weeks ending 12.21.13
CONSUMER BROCHURE - GRAPHIC DESIGN, ART DIRECTION, DESIGN MANAGEMENT: This educational consumer brochue was developed as part of the doctor sampling kit, a handout the doctors could hand to patients along with a free sample.
PRODUCT INSERT - 21 CFR Part 801 COMPLIANT, GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graphic design was provided on this bilingual instructional product insert.
CONSUMER BROCHURE - GRAPHIC DESIGN, ART DIRECTION: This consumer brochure was developed as part of a direct mail program, supplying the target audience with a free sample and an educational brochure with a coupon.
B to B AD - ART DIRECTION, GRAPHIC DESIGN: This trade journal ad was developed to educate physicians about how Replens works, the benefits of the product and the clinical studies to back up the claims. A business reply card was added so physicians could request free samples of the product for them to handout to their patients.
B to B AD - GRAPHIC DESIGN, ART DIRECTION: The B to B ad was developed to serve a dual purpose, to announce we were back in stock and to thank our retailers for working with us while we experienced outages.
Building the Replens Brand
Nancy R Shakespeare
Creative Manager Walford, IA