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Bi Bath and Body Ad - This 2pg. spread was designed to introduce Bi (Japanese word meaning beauty, pronounced be) bath and body products into the high-end segment of the bath and body market. Bi was the first offering from Lost Arts (company producing exotic themed luxury toiletries and they wanted an ad which would position their product as firmly among the high-end department store brands, which have been enjoying such popularity among the middle to upper-middle classes. Unlike many of the most popular entrants in this category they chose not to market Bi as the newest cutting edge age defying technology, but instead went in the opposite direction by suggesting that Bi draws its unique value from the ancient beauty secrets of the Far East. (This ad was designed as part of a class assignment, the product, parent company, and concept was solely conceived by Jennifer R. Osborne.)

Self promotional piece - I created this postcard sized card to help attract potential employers and to experiment with typography as a design element.
Cotton Exchange Logo - I designed this logo for a summer arts and crafts festival that was striving to distance itself from its exclusively crafts image and begin to draw more fine arts oriented exhibitors and patrons.
Bissingers Candy Ad - This ad was designed to competively position Bissinger's new mall stores against the more entrenched Godiva franchise. Most of Bissinger's sales were via catalog, but they had recently opened a few mall stores in the St. Louis area and found that many potential consumers associated more prestige and quality with the Godiva name. Bissingers chocolates are actually superior interms of ingredients, prossess, international reputation, and quality and they wanted to let the consumer know this. The ad this campaign comes from strove to create a mental link between Bissinger's and the finer things in life by playing on Bissinger's rich history highlighting their connection to actual royalty and mentioning their delicate processes which rely on hand constructruction of many of their products. (This ad was designed as part of a class assignment, Bissingers is a real company and they did view this ad, but never purchased or printed it. The concept, design, and copywriting was executed and concieved by Jennifer R. Osborne.)

Parental Responsibility Ad - Here you see a 6 year old girl 8-9mo. pregnant. Why? Why would anyone create such a ridiculous and potentially offensive image other than for the shock value? Well, this image along with its accompanying copy is intended to get the viewer to see something often only glimpsed in hind sight. The effect your actions now as a parent to a young child have on that child’s future. Here you see one of the, statistically speaking, very likely futures of this little girl if her father chooses not to be involved in her rearing. This ad is part of a 3 ad campaign aimed at getting fathers to pay their child support. Through the research I conducted, borrowing heavily from government databases and prominent child-welfare oriented institutions, I found that fathers who are involved in their children’s lives are more likely to pay child support. I also learned that fathers who are involved early on are more likely to remain active in their parenting roles and continue their financial support of their children until the child has reach maturity. (This ad was designed as part of a class assignment, the concept, design, and copywriting was executed and concieved by Jennifer R. Osborne.)

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