GODVIL night club

The task of the project was the placement of multifunctional club in the existing industrial building. The layout and frame constructive scheme of the building allowed us to place a large hall with a second light, as well as all the necessary auxiliary facilities.
Function and planning decisions of the club are due to the internal architecture of the building. The main part of the area is occupied by dance hall on two levels, as well as VIP lounges, cigar room and a large foyer on the ground floor. Many of the auxiliary facilities such as the kitchen and the warehouse are located in the annexe. The club has three main entrances – the main, to the kitchen and makeup room for the artists. This is due to functional flow – visitors, artists and staff. The club has also two additional entrances, which connect it with the rest of the building – exit to the stairwells. They are also used as emergency exits.

Natalia Mitina