The interior design of the apartment on Alberta street in Riga

This apartment is located in a historic building of the Art Nouveau era in Alberta Street. This area is called the Quiet Centre of Riga; the majority of development of the area is dated to the late 19th and early 20th century. Here are the best objects of historical property presented, including residential one. The owners of the apartment are vigorous business people, but at the same time, the aesthetes and collectors of the modern paintings. This apartment seemed to them to be a viable frame for the part of their collection.

The task assigned to the designer, was as follows – to underline the advantages and historical value of the apartment as much as possible, at the same time, not to turn it into a museum of Art Nouveau era. Therefore, in the stylistic solution of the interior there are harmoniously combined, on the one hand, the historical architectural elements, such as authentic mouldings, doors and wall panels, and on the other hand – the ultra-modern furniture and decor items

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Natalia Mitina