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Aluminum Body Guitar
Carbon Fiber Body Guitar
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Aluminum Headstock with Tronical automated tuners
Carbon Fiber Neck with custom dragon inlay.
The bridge module features an under saddle piezoelectric pickup, built in preamp with a rechargeable battery, and a saddle made of brass, carbon fiber or titanium.
Ridgewing guitar in custom attache case
Standard Headstock with super lite Gotoh tuners
Custom brass and abalone neck dots
Tronical tuners in action. Each of the tuning machines is powered by a rechargeable battery in the tuner. The Tronical tuner has 6 preset tunings and up to 12 programmable custom tunings.
Neck action adjustment.
Neck mold used to create the carbon fiber necks.
Each of the carbon fiber "Grills" are created with a wet layup process in a platinum silicone mold. Each of the strands of carbon fiber are hand placed.
Creating the mold used to make the bass side of the body frame. The part used to create the mold was 3D printed.
Part of the rubber mold used to create the semi transparent bridge cover. Brass threads are insert molded into the part.
Bridge mold filled with wax.
Candid shop photo of the team meeting with a CNC supplier
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Ridgewing Guitars

The Ridgewing Guitar is a modular system that allows the player to customize their guitar to achieve different playing setups and express their own personal style. The guitar utilizes the tension of the strings to hold itself together, and each part is easily swapped out for another without using any tools when the tension is released. The modularity of the Ridgewing Guitar also makes it one of the most versatile full sized travel guitars.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Nathan Burnell
Industrial Designer Branford, CT