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Most earphones on the market are either dramatically organic.
Or stark geometric. In between is an opportunity for styling and comfort.
With the iPhone 7, Apple switched completely to Lightning and Thunderbolt connectors and added dongles everywhere.
To avoid that problem, these earphones have to work with both 3.5 mm and a lightning jack.
I began by exploring some forms at the intersection of geometric and organic while thinking through some solutions for the dongle problem.
Using a central hub with two female ports for Lightning and 3.5mm, we could use an adapter as the cord all the time, feeding into one end or the other exposing the type of connector your device requires. It could be a safety tether when attached to both sides.
Continued exploration of form with a central hub in mind. I started pushing toward a curved tombstone shape.
The torus form on earphone fits neatly into the antihelix cavity of the ear.
The construction of the body allows for two tone styling and I used a speckling technique to link the two different materials together.
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Decibel Earphones

Personal project to develop a set of earphones and show the skills I have used on client work.

Nate McCracken
Industrial Designer at Revision Raleigh, NC