Everlast Designs - Weekly Advertisements, Postcards, and Web Banners I designed for Everlast Boxing. These are just a few, but there are roughly 2 designs per week, all sent out through the web.
Logos - From left: Green Line Restaurant identity and graphics for menu, Shook Ones logos (punk rock band), Lance Armstrong book cover type, Type illustration for magazine spread (LoveWorkPlay), Birthday card crest (Extravagent for Life), Personal identity explorations
Logos - From left: Sportsman of the Year 2006 logo for Sports Illustrated, KickforCash Challenge logo for SI Kids Event, Tailgate Nation logo development for SI, Houston Rockets identity, Good and Evil tattoo logos for Nike poster, Pratt Cannoneers Basketball Team, Personal identity exploration
Green Line Restaurant Identity - Identity for a fictional restaurant. The Green Line is the armistice line that separates Israelis from Arabs in the West Bank of Israel. This eatery promotes peace between the two cultures by combining a dual menu fused with an olive branch to bring peace with every meal.
Shook Ones CD Package (Facetious Folly Feat Album) - Logo, illustrations, and CD packaging for a punk rock band called the Shook Ones. The group consists of five members. Their music is loud and aggressive on the outside, but underneath they are emotional, whiney and wimpy. I illustrated this concept using small animals disguised as bigger, tougher animals in suits. There is a pouch that holds the slipcase with the logo lasercut onto it on the outside. It is meant to look like rhinoceros skin.
Illustrations for CD Package - The album is titled "Facetious Folly Feat." The animals are intended to look playful and mischievious.
Shook Ones T Shirt Designs - Promotional merchandise for the Shook Ones Band. The graphics mimic the sarcastic attitude of the band towards hip hop culture. Big chains and car rims are flashy but don't have much substance. Silkscreened, one color, glow in the dark prints.
Houston Rockets Identity - Primary and secondary logos for the Houston based professional men's basketball team. These designs are meant to look as if the organization also manufactures rockets.The uniforms describe each player as an employee for the Rockets.
Home and Away Uniforms - Home is white, and Away is blue. Non-traditional style uniforms set the Rockets team apart on the court and reflect their dynamic style of play. The design still obtains the aesthetic of a rocket manufacturing company.
Lance Armstrong Book Cover - "It's Not About the Bike, My Journey Back to Life" is one of Lance Armstrong's many autobiographies. The rainbow transparent type suggests the underlying themes at play in Lance's life. The book deals with his struggle for survival after being diagnosed with three different forms of cancer. The words are a heavy burden upon his shoulders that he was able to overcome. I portrayed him without his shoes on to appear more human.
Love Work Play Magazine Spread - Magazine layouts for an article about the difficulties of balancing our responsiblities and pleasures in life. The look was influenced by The New York Times page layouts.
Toy Design - Product views of a vinyl toy design that I worked on for Thunderdog Studios. Original concept and design was done by Creative Director Tristan Eaton. Animals living in war torn societies have weapons fused into their anatomy. Part of a series of 3.
Sticker Icons - These wedding themed stickers were done for EK Success, a powerhouse of sticker design in the scrapbooking industry.
Nate Ripp
Illustrator/designer New York, NY