Athlete Sketches - Various graphites and colored pencils. These are some of the sketches that went into the development of The Athlete Series. The orange figure was actually drawn on a trip to Florence, Italy from a replica of The David.
Animal Sketches - Graphite on paper. Studies done from different museums as reference for the Travel Poster Series.
Vikings Character Study - A viking personality drawn in different styles in different poses.
Character study - A character study for a children's book project. The art director wanted a bear with a feather mohawk in basketball shorts, a jersey, and sneakers.
Character Study - Drunken turtle
Character Studies - Various sea creatures and facial expressions
Figure Sketches - Colored pencil and different pens. Exaggerated figure drawings and faces drawn from observation. The woman figure was done from a model in Italy.
Character Development - Done at Thunderdog Studios. A pre-teen girl who transforms into a Yeti but still retains some of her human qualities.
Silly Characters - Clowns recycled from an old illustration, turned digital.
Skateboard Design - Acrylic on wood skateboard deck. Character designs for personal promotion
Nate Ripp
Illustrator/designer New York, NY