Lacoste Tennis in 2083 for Brand New School - Concept art done at Brand New School. The pitch was for Lacoste and the theme was tennis in the future, where serves reach 400 km/hr.
Lacoste Tennis 2,083 for Brand New School - Another pose.
Lacoste Tennis 2083 - Different outfits for the tennis player. All work done at Brand New School in New York.
Witness - Graphite & watercolor on Stonehenge paper Series of 6 illustrations telling the story of the Holocaust from one person's perspective. I wanted to convey a powerful message to a universal audience. The narrative follows the survival of the eldest son. The viewer witnesses his struggle as he bears witness to the greatest human tragedy of our time.
Pre-War Sabbath - An average European Jewish family celebrating the traditional Sabbath dinner just before the Nazi takeover during World War II. The the eldest son is seated on the right.
The Capture - This is the color palette intended for the entire series. This scene symbolizes "Kristallnacht," the night of broken glass when the Nazis made it a decree to raid jewish shops and homes. The eldest son tries to protect his family from Gestapo officers.
Separation - The family is ripped apart never to be reunited and thrust into cramped cattle cars. The brother and sister exchange their last looks as a forceful hand takes them away. Thousands of others share the same fate.
All the Lost Souls - After days of travel, confused passengers are released from the crowded train cars and herded into camps where work will make them free. The eldest son looks up to see all of his worst fears come true as the crematorium smoke haunts new unsuspecting victims.
Labor - Those able to work are pushed beyond their limits to keep the factories of death running smoothly. The son has buried many of his fellow men, women and children to stay alive and defy the Nazis.
Tattoo # 116264 - The entire experience can be summed up in the 6 numbers branded into the arm of every survivor. The eldest son is now an old man. He is the only living member of his original family. Back on the train, the contemporary passengers are oblivious to his existence, except for one school kid who has no idea what he is about to find out.
Baller - Basketball superstars turned androids ready to unleash their skills on whoever may come before them.
Storyboards done at the Designists - traditional storyboard project for Neopets ; a virtual community for kids to play with their favorite toy characters. The commercial is currently airing on Nickelodeon and other Viacom tv networks.
Second page of storyboards for Neopets - All work done at the Designists studio in New York City.
Nate Ripp
Illustrator/designer New York, NY