Travel Poster Series - Series of posters advertising exotic places and highlighting their indigenous wildlife. Inspired by art deco and art nouveau poster art at the turn of the century. Various media, from silkscreen to digital illustration.
India - Hand drawn with ink, inspired by the art nouveau posters of Mucha.
Antarctica - Part of the travel poster series, inspred by art deco posters of the early 20th Century. Digital illustration.
Killa Gorilla - Silkscreen on wood. This is a poster for a punk rock band named "Shook Ones." All graphics were hand drawn. Playing on their name, which they took from the lyrics of a hip hop song, I related rap vernacular with hipster punk style in the form of tattoos. Imagine a giant gorillay in the moshpit throwing up his elbows.
Anti-Circus for PETA rally - This poster was awarded semi-finalist in the Adobe Design Student Competition in 2007. Designed to look like a circus poster, after a closer look you will see that it actually advertises a PETA rally at Madison Square Garden. Type drawn by hand, compiled in Illustrator.
Sneaker Type Poster - Poster denouncing big name sneaker corporations using type consisting of Nike shoes. After doing this project, I realized I have way too many of their products.
Nate Ripp
Illustrator/designer New York, NY