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ARC, Augmented reality car

The ARC interactive augmented reality car is designed to capture the
imagination of today’s generation Y by appealing to their demands for a connected and personalised world and blurs the boundaries between the real world and the virtual one through embracing social networking and gaming.
ARCs primary feature is the Smartscreen, the traditional windscreen and windows of a car have been replaced by a laminate screen consisting of a transparent LCD screen sandwiched between an outer layer of toughened transparent polymer and an inner touch sensitive layer. The Smartscreen allows both driver and passengers to change their view on the outside world, either by supplementing it with information or
replacing it with simulation. Combined with simulator seats that provide shocks and vibrations the user can be totally immersed within the ARC experience regardless of how mundane or well known a journey might be.

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Nathan Williams
Bristol based creative. Qualified in Automotive, experienced in Graphics and... Bristol, United Kingdom