EARTH-FRIENDLY FASHION - Every backpack produced by us removes at least 15 plastic bottles + 900g of cotton scraps from the environment. The production of our fabrics is also free from water and dye - besides being zero carbon emission.
Holyfancy sustainable backpack

The DAILYBAG is an innovative backpack composed of a kit of multifunctional pouches that allow you to organize your belongings according to your day activities.

The magic fabrics that we are using are made of recycled PET bottles and cotton scraps. This means that for each bag manufactured, we are cleaning the environment off 15 recycled PET bottles and 900g of cotton scraps!

The pouches are made by a social production (a poor community) in Rio de Janeiro and thanks to this project, we are able to help them.

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Nection Design
Jeff Araujo (CEO), La Chanh Nguyen (Design Director) Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland