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Is there a border between art and design ? A clear line determined by rules ? Or is it possible that these creative universes coexist and meet ?
‘rouah’ is the fruit of the meeting of these two creative spaces : the design and the work of art. A meeting place where the time is not any more. A break... This time is reserved for me ! ‘rouah’ was thought as a work of art, a sculpture. It leads me to the pondering and to the introspection. It incites me to throw me into him to make it alive and feel me alive. As object - a lounge chair - ‘rouah’ invites me to take care of me, to feel good physically and morally. At ease ! I am out of the world without isolating myself. I am timeless...

internal shell : hard polyurethane
internal shell upholstery [1] : shaped polyuréthane foam
external shell [2] : shiny painted hard polyuréthane
support [3] : wood
support frame [4] :painted steel
cover [1] : leather


l: 548 mm
L: 1670 mm
h: 741 mm

Concept of a lounge chair

Alexandre Boucher
DESIGNER / Founder Lyon, France