miroirs de la collection "voxel"

The "voxel" collection is an allegory to the time we spend in front of our screens of phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Not only we observe the world through our screens, but we have become accustomed to looking at ourselves and being looked at through the millions of pixels that make up our screens. Social networks feed on photos, selfies and videos of all kinds. Pushed to the extreme, we live through our screens.

The "voxel *" collection brings together several mirrors made up of reflective cubes in which to look at us. Our reflection is then achieved by these dozens of cubes like the pixels on our screens.

* Voxel (“volumetric pixel” contraction) is a 3D pixel. A unit of graphical information that defines a point in three-dimensional space.

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Alexandre Boucher
DESIGNER / Founder Lyon, France